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Risk Management Consultants

We help state and local government agencies become more effective at delivering services.

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Excellence is calling but only if you can execute your strategy. Your team needs a clear vision, an organizational culture aligned with its mission and a plan that focuses on doing the right things well.



PathFinder Group’s experience working with government agencies gives us insights into the challenges that demonstrate why government is different from private sector enterprise. Still, risk mitigation demands attention be paid to the cornerstone issues of; strategy, process improvement, culture and leadership.



More and more government agencies have expressed interest in both Malcolm Baldridge and The Governor’s Sterling Award Programs. Excellence is possible and the pride of accomplishment that accompanies it priceless. Whether your agency aspires to this or not shrinking resources and responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars demands leaders, examine the status quo for opportunities to improve. Whether change calls for a transformation or a tweak we can provide leadership with both an assessment of the current situation and implementation services that don’t leave you wondering about next steps.


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Core Areas of Expertise

Leadership Training & DEvelopment

Leadership in government is no less important than in the private sector. Trained leaders with a clear vision and the ability to motivate staff creates an extraordinary opportunity to change the public's perception of ineffectiveness. As more is learned about the success of government agencies led by enlightened leaders more jurisdictions are encouraged to step out and explore how the development of leadership skills can impact the entire organization and its ability to serve.

Organizational Culture

Corporate Values, usually cited as “what an organization stands for”, are often aspirational, abstract and open to interpretation. As nouns without clear definitions, they are not very useful for providing feedback and direction to staff. Behaviors on the other hand, clearly defined and expressed as actions are integral to providing the teaching and coaching that is a natural part of growing people within your agency. These behaviors in the aggregate are your culture and create a sustainable advantage in recruiting and retaining that cannot be hired away. We use the High Performing Culture program, a proprietary eight step process.

Process Imporvement

Government agencies are asked to do more with less, year after year. Florida in particular is averse to raising taxes to fund the growth in mandates. When leadership fails to deliver the best in people, processes and services; support and confidence in the public square falters. Understanding the synergy of developing an intentional culture aligned with the mission of your agency and having a keen awareness of your operating environment is crucial. Strategy, Process, Leadership and Culture are the four cornerstones of becoming excellent.

Strategic Planning

Performance excellence starts with strategic planning and relies on effective execution. Execution depends on clear communication so alignment between management and staff is critical. No framework does this more effectively than Strategy Map. Strategy Map gives agencies a way to clearly present their purpose, unambiguously state their vision and provides the means for communicating that vision to staff and constituents alike in terms of relevant actions and expected outcomes. These agencies stand head and shoulders above their peers. A strong strategic plan along with the right management tools will mitigate the risk of failure by stacking the odds of success in your favor.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke